I had the chance to talk about the future of ORCA and old reels with ORCA member Norm Bryant at the CAFTA Fall 2017 show. There were a few closet reel collectors in attendance and hopefully one or two will sign up. I keep asking any collectors I meet to do so.

Yesterday, at a local Salmon Fest conservation event, I was helped the Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association (SFBCA) show people how to cast a fly. There were dozens upon dozens of kids that participated... young and old. I was introduced to SFBCA by ORCA member Roger Cannon.. I'm too rusty to hit a target with a fly rod but the kids couldn't tell the difference :) It is strange that I joined to improve my casting but I ended up teaching LOL.

Hopefully a few people noticed the ORCA name and logo on my hat and shirt. I'm behind the group showing the kids what you are not supposed to do (e.g. "break" your wrist).