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Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 5:51 pm 
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For trade only are a pair of historical reels. They are a 6/0 621 EVH engraved, “RC Grey Avalon 1923” and a 9/0 621, both from Oscar Kovalovsky’s personal reel collection. For an excellent account of RC Grey’s life, and his relationship with his older brother see:

How these reels came into Oscar’s possession is anyone’s guess. Neither Arthur or Oscar were fans of the 621, and there is no reason to believe Oscar collected them later in life. But collectors I have talked to who knew Oscar back in the 80’s remember him having these reels. Could RC have gifted them directly to Arthur or Oscar early on?

We know the Grey’s fished with 621 reels back in their early years of saltwater fishing. There are plenty of pictures of them fishing with EVH's. And both brothers had roots on Catalina Island and in the LA area, and were active in the Avalon Tuna Club. We also know that at some point they heard about the talents of the Kovalovsky reelsmiths, and paid them a visit. Thus began a well-documented relationship between the Grey’s and the Kovalovsky’s.

Given both these reels show signs of being repaired (minor), it is not a stretch to believe they were brought into Arthur’s shop by "Reddy" and/or Zane to be worked on, and never picked up. Quite possibly, the Grey’s were so impressed with Arthur’s reels, they walked out of the shop with new Kov’s, and left the 621’s as gifts or in trade. A stretch?? Maybe! But the speculation is part of the enjoyment of having a reel(s) like this in your collection.

Other than some light grime from sitting in Oscar’s machine shop for many years, they are both in excellent condition. They offer something rare for the EVH, Grey, Tuna Club, Kovalovsky, and/or even the baseball memorabilia collector.

I am looking to trade one or both for a Kovalovsky, Stead, or CR Klein reel(s), or possibly a Kov' rod(s). PM me if interested!

Thanks for looking!

Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 7:31 am 
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John. If you don’t get your trade, I’d sure like to chat about the 6/0. Would be a great match for a recently acquired Zane Grey rod Daniel graciously added to my collection.



Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 7:42 pm 
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I see your looking to trade, if you decide to maybe sell the vom hofe 9/0 i may be interested. Thank you.

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