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Posted: Sun May 08, 2016 5:59 pm 
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Dedicated ORCA Sec-Treasurer Roger Schulz took a few days off from his ORCA work to come to Idaho and fish the lake that nearly reaches our front yard. This year in particular we have had lots of snow in the mountains, so all our reservoirs are full to the brim. This high water presented a new challenge in that the outside of the trees that line the reservoir are in 1-10 feet of water and very hard to fish. They do provide great fish cover, but are also so thick that casting is tough. However, we did solve the problems and caught quite a few fish. The wind was the most difficult problem and we had to quit early several times.

On one of the best spots, we were watched from above - No, it was just a pair of hawk chicks that were fairly large, but still very fuzzy.

We worked our way back into shallow water in channels through the trees much like this. Most of the fish were positioned along the edges of the black willow trees. Plastic worms and jigs accounted for most of the fish in this type cover. A few were caught on Chatterbaits and my old favorite, the Hawaiian Wiggler #2.

When we were able to work our way back into open spots like this one we usually found quite a few fish warming in the open water. This fish was typical of those we caught. Our largest this trip was only 19 inch and about 3-4 pounds.

Here we have made our way back inside the willows and found a flat that was about 2' deep. The water was about 5 degrees warmer than it was out on the lake itself, and there were quite a few fish in these open spots. Although there were quite a few boats out on the lake, we saw no one back deep in the trees.

We waded a couple of evenings and did well. Wading the willows is quite an experience, especially when a nice largemouth takes your worm a rod's length away and you're up to your belly button in water. It is my favorite method of fishing this lake, although I must admit I'm anxious to put my boat back down the ramp and head for a couple of channels we found back into the trees.
Tomorrow if the weather is OK...

Posted: Thu May 12, 2016 7:42 am 
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That's a great story Phil and the pics put us into the action. I picked up a nice copy of your Meisselbach Collectors Guide that was autographed. Very entertaining read. Best, Mike

Posted: Thu May 12, 2016 1:23 pm 
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Roger, that is a big smile you are wearing! It looks like a Florida swamp back in those trees. Nothing like a fishing vacation with lots of fish and good weather with good friends.

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