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Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 4:26 pm 
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Lets see my focus for the last 20 years or so have been mostly salt water big game and early pre 1920 surf reels with odd features such as external brakes, drags, odd frames as well as cool free spools made of quality materials such as nickel silver, aluminum and or hard rubber. As far as larger big game reels my preference would be the largest example of every known/unknown maker. Attention to details important as well as a good eye! There's a lot of great unknowns out there with neat features such as mother of pearl inlaid. No Holzman isnt to only maker to inlay. Then the 1 piece frames of William Slothe! If it's big game, 1 of a kind surf reel, know or unknown I'm interested just don't buy with my heart. Tight Lines Nick in NY

Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:35 am 
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Hi everyone, I'm a new member, just joined yesterday. I've been lurking here for a few years, but since my interest has been rather narrow (Penn) until recently I haven't been too active here; I found more active Penn folks at I collect pre-1950 Penn reels with an emphasis on the Long Beach; I also have a few Senators including a few with non-chromed spools with German Silver flanges (I'm looking for more of these) and one 9/0 with a rosewood doorknob-shaped handle knob like the one pictured in Mike C's blue Penn book. My collection is feeble compared to most of yours, I'm sure; I have few boxes or other associated items. I've been collecting for only a few years and became interested in doing so after I rediscovered a few of my dad's old reels that I had inherited about 25 years ago. They had been kept high and dry all that time but needed a good cleaning and lube. They were a Pflueger Templar 1419-1/4, a Jigmaster, a Penn Long Beach 68 and a Pflueger Ohio 1978. I became active on in searching for information about some of these reels, and have become interested in the history of the fishing reel, more specifically the history of the Penn company and now, Edward vom Hofe. I have Mike's books on Penn, and have ordered the book on EVH. I've read the ORCA book on reel restoration and am reading the collection of Reel News articles but together by Dr. Larson. My major interest is restoring old reels, and I've recently entered the market looking for an EVH 621 (or similar) to restore.

On a personal note, I live in Southeast Florida with my wife and four cats. We have two grown daughters. I grow pineapples in my back yard and tend to a backyard butterfly garden that is home to 6 species of native butterflies. I am a semi-retired small animal veterinarian.


Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:42 am 
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Welcome Sid! Thanks for joining!

Paul M

Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:51 am 
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Hello Sid,

Great to see you in ORCA. This is a very friendly zone, just like Alan Tani only with a different lean. You will be happy here. If it is a fishing reel, there is someone here that finds it interesting and is willing to talk about it.


Mike C

Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:20 pm 
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Welcome to ORCA!

I know you will fit right in here. Folks here might be interested in seeing those Penn restorations that you did. You can link the AT thread(s), or just post a b4/after. Check out the ORCA library sometime as well. You may want to order some copies of past Reel News articles that peak your interest.


Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:46 pm 
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Welcome Sid, glad you made it over & decided to participate. I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here.

Posted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 4:56 pm 
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You've been holding out on us Sid. I want to see photos of the butterfly garden. We grow pineapples too.

Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:40 am 
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oc1 wrote:You've been holding out on us Sid. I want to see photos of the butterfly garden. We grow pineapples too.
Hey Steve. Nice to see you here. The butterfly garden is not much to look at now - we just tore up a lot of it to replant. It's constantly a work in progress, even after almost 25 years. I'll PM you a few pics some time soon. Perfectly alright to remind me when I forget :)


Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2017 7:46 pm 
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Actually the story on my 20/0 Cradle Kovalovsky I'm told is that it came from Romer Grey's lawyer in trade for legal work, so i'm hoping some day to find a photo or film of Zane Grey with the reel, as I believe its the only one of its exact kind made, and the heaviest Kovalovsky reel known. If anyone has more info- i can also email detailed pictures. THANKS! daniel zirilli
ps: i also traded for what i believe is the Smallest Kovalovsky as well... if anyone one thinks they have the biggest or smallest, i'd love to hear from ya!

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 4:48 pm 
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What reels I like to collect:

1. Pre-war Penn reels, mostly the larger reels like the Penn Senators.
2. Vintage Ocean City reels such as the 603 to 616 (3/0 to 16/0) and also the Long Key reels.
3. Pflueger reels like the Altapac and the Templar models.

And any other large saltwater reels, the bigger the better.

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 6:10 am 
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Hi all, I'm new here...
I'm Mike from Dronten, Netherlands.
I enjoy fishing and hiking.
I went to Wallyworld and got 4 inexpensive trolling rods; two 8 foot glass Shimano FXS rods for $21 each and two 7 foot glass Okuma Tundras for $33 each. The Okuma's came with TU-50 reels but they're garbage. Both types of rods are surprisingly good quality for the price.
The Shimano's are for trolling with downplaners and are medium/heavy rods, the Okuma's (medium/medium) are for using with the downriggers, I'd have gotten shorter poles for downrigger use, but they didnt have any worth a darn.
At any rate, I need best value saltwater spinning reels ... ing-reels/ for under $40.00 that'll hold about 150-200 yards of 20lb mono.
Any ideas? I've heard Daiwa's are great reels for the money but I've no actual experience with them.
Oh, and I need them before this Friday night.

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Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 8:39 am 
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My Grandfather handed me an old baitcaster with a shrimp on the end that he had tossed into Lemon Bay behind Manasota Key at age 3. Result was a redfish and young, now much older fisherman for life.
He gave me an old Meiss featherlight on a bamboo rod that I fished creeks in IN as a kid. I started 10 years ago with skeletons that crossed my path for a while. Phil White's book was the game changer that made me determined to put together as complete a grouping of "good" Meisselbach skeletons, Experts, and trollers. He mentioned in the book of Expert 22's made with exposed front click in both finishes. I think those are my only holes to fill.....likely a pipedream as I and others I have communicated with have never seen an example of either.

Oh, then was smitten by 40 and 60 raised pillar Hendryx baitcasters…. that has been fairly simple fun. Thanks to ORCA members for your help and expertise. Corbo

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 9:29 pm 
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I collect mostly single action fly reels. I especially like reels from the early 1960's. I like Pfleuger Medalists, various Shakespeares, Martins, and Hardy clones. They don't all have to be that old, but I do like them at least 20 years old and older. I like to use the reels I collect, so I actually fish with all of them. It may take a year or so for one of my reels to complete the rotation, but they will eventually get fished or will be sold.

I also like spin cast and open faced spinning reels from the same time period.

Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 3:29 pm 
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I collect Heddon and am currently attempting to get a set of all pre WWII examples

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