My new hobby

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gerald mcelroy
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My new hobby

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I've just started collecting reels and vintage fishing equipment. My first purchase is a Flueger Alpine reell with No-2657 on it. It is in perfect working order. The finish has only slight marks on it. Is this a good first reel or should I get rid of it and pursue something else?


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Welcome to a great hobby. The Alpine is a good way to start. Joining ORCA will also be a step in the right direction. It will give you a chance to learn a lot quickly, meet others afflicted with the same disease, and be exposed to all kinds of wonderful reels. Membership will also prod you to become an advanced collector more quickly, so you can discover some of the best-kept secrets of the hobby, like how to spell "Pflueger."

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john elder
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and also how to add a couple smiley faces when you are poking someone in the ribs :D :wink:

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Good reel to start with

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Hi Gerald
The Alpine reel is a good one to start with,they were made between 1932 and 1957. There are 7 model numbers to collect with an under the rod version which is often confused for a left handed model so keep that in mind when searching . These reels can be easy found in fine conditon often with the box and are still rather inexpensive. The best advice I can offer is slow and easy and do your homeowrk. This Board and Club is a great source of informtaion, help and fellowship.
George Geiger

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Hi : Looks like you and I are in the same start position. So far I just sent in my membership dues (ORCA)and have aquired and "cleaned up some Pfluegers - Rockets, Summits, Trumps and Akrons. I find just cleaning them up, relubing and polishing seems to bring back some life and and character behind them. I'm finding this to be a fun and relaxing collecting hobby and I hope I don't go to overboard! Keep in touch on your progress and "learning curve! :lol:

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