The Reel News

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Reel Geezer
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The Reel News

Post by Reel Geezer »

The November issue of The Reel News was mailed today. Unfortunately this is the issue that seems to give the Post Office the most trouble. I hope you get your issue soon. This one is 36 pages of good stuff.

:arrow: An incidental note: I have had an ad for a Gillette Pocket Fisherman in my files for many years hoping to find one at a show or on eBay where I could sneak it out because I knew what it was and no one else would. I never saw one anywhere. I finally decided to fill a space in the Reel News with the ad as an "Anyone got one of these?" type filler, and lo... For you guys going to Lang's this weekend - Item 80 "Unique probably one of a kind, traveling man's fishing outfit" is a Gillette Pocket Fisherman. They came in 60 and 100 yard sizes. The ad was from 1911, so it's an old item.


Gillete fishing kit

Post by kldant »

I've got something similar in mycollection. It is a Gillette razor accompanied by 3 spiining lures. Not awfully valuable I don't think, but kinda cool anyway.


Post by Guest »

I'm leaving early Friday morning for Lang's auction and show, and I'll be sure to grab a picture of this tough fishin' outfit. Look for the pic's here on Saturday night.

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Jim Schottenham
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Post by Jim Schottenham »

Sorry 'bout that, I forgot to sign in before responding to the above post. :oops: :oops:

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The Reel News

Post by piscesman »

Received my copy of the "Reel News" today. Will be thumbing through it later this weekend. I will also be traveling to Lang's, but on Sat. Always something for everyone(Just have to look hard enough!). A long drive to come home empty-handed... Never could stay for the Sat auction. It's nice to look at the items up for auction though. Beautiful reels on the cover of Reel News. Must have taken someone a while to clean them up. Would make a nice picture for November in the ORCA Calender.

Penobscot Bill
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Reel News

Post by Penobscot Bill »

I received my copy yesterday morning, November 7th, here in northern Maine. Also, this Monday, November 10th, is the 228th birthday of the United States Marine Corps.

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john elder
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Post by john elder »

really enjoyed this issue...lots of great bits. and thanks Phil and Ben re the write-up on the Flip Reel...but I want to let everyone know that it actually belongs to a collector buddy of mine, Ward Coppersmith! Haven't figured out how to talk him out of it yet!

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Mine came today!!!

Post by Harvey »

Guess what I did as soon as it arrived! Great issue! It was nice to see Jim Wiegner's name, Haven't heard from him for a while and was thinking about him not long ago. Really enjoyed the artical "Reflections of a Shakespeare salesmans daughter".
Thanks again Phil for an outstanding job!

Roger Schulz
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Shakespeare Article

Post by Roger Schulz »


I can put you in touch with the lady who developed the story for me. She lives in Tupelo, MS.


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Post by SWIM JIG »

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Brian F.
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RN Arrived Sat.

Post by Brian F. »

My copy arrived Sat. but did not get to see it till today. Needless to say all work stopped for half an hour! Great job as usual Phil and thank you to all contributors!

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