Shakespeare Reel and Display Experts......

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Shakespeare Reel and Display Experts......

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Need some help.

Need pics of any known cardboard counter displays advertising bait casting reels for Shakespeare around 1927 / 1928. Also looking for a listing of the bait casting reels offered in 1927 / 1928. Numbers, name, descr1ptions, etc. Trying to put back together a counter display to as close as possible as it was in 1927 and need some reference points to ensure that it looks as close as it did in 1927.

Thanks in advance...


email address, see message for link, thanks

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Reels for '26

Post by Harvey »

My suggestion would be to contact the Library and get a copy of the 1926 and 1927 catalogue. There are 27 or so reels, not including fly reels, listed for "26. I can make up a list later if you would like. (kinda busy right now).

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