If you haven't done so yet. . .

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David Lehmann
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If you haven't done so yet. . .

Post by David Lehmann »

Please take the time to thank Ron Gast and Matt Wickham for stepping up to serve as ORCA's new President and VP. It's a big commitment, and I can't think of two better members to fill these posts. Thanks guys.

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Mike N
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Re: If you haven't done so yet. . .

Post by Mike N »

David- your presidency along with the other club officers will be a tough act to follow. ORCA keeps getting stronger and stronger because of the steady succession of innovative and hard-working leaders. I’m certain Ron and Matt will keep adding to that legacy. ORCA is very, very lucky they are willing to serve.

Mike N
ORCA Charter Member, circa. 1990
ORCA Honorary Life Member

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Jonathan P. Kring
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Re: If you haven't done so yet. . .

Post by Jonathan P. Kring »

Always big shoes to fill. Glad there are always those willing to serve. Never seen any bad leaders yet.
Cast your cares upon the Lord. Psalm 55:22
Then He said to them, "follow Me and I will Make you fishers of men". Matthew 4:19

joe klaus
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Re: If you haven't done so yet. . .

Post by joe klaus »

I very much appreciate Ron and Matt stepping up to take on such a large responsibility. And I give special thanks to you, David, for the outstanding service you have given our organization during this past year.

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Re: If you haven't done so yet. . .

Post by leland99 »

Looking forward to see both Matt and Ron in Ft Wayne this week so I can thank them in person!! Thanks as well to David and Paul for the job they have done!

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Re: If you haven't done so yet. . .

Post by kyreels »

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and support. These are big shoes to fill, and I recognize we all walk in the shadow of giants.

Feel free to submit to Ron or I any suggestions you have for any improvements. We are aligned with the strategies and direction the club has adopted and fully support the continued growth of orcaonline.

I would ask everyone that can do so attend the national show in 2020 in Frankfort, KY. ORCA and all clubs depend on the National and regional shows to breath life into the club, and sustain the human side of the club. We encourage anyone on this board to officially join the club and help us in our mission.

Lastly, keep having as much fun collecting old fishing reels as Ron and I are. That is the real point.
Matt Wickham
Collector of Casting Weights, KY Reels and KY Tackle

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