Finding Current Reel Values

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Finding Current Reel Values

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Finding Current Reel Values
By Ron Gast

There are several sources used by collectors today to try and determine the value of a fishing reel. The value of a reel is determined by several factors including the maker’s name, rarity (how many were made), and last but not least, the items condition. Remember, what something was worth 10 years ago, last year or even last month may not be what it’s worth today. Like they say, something is only worth what someone is willing to pay.

Computer Online Sources:

1. eBay Completed Auctions – The link for eBay is . Next to the SEARCH button, click on the ADVANCED button. On this new page look down the list and find COMPLETED LISTINGS and check the block. Type in the search item of interest and eBay will show auction results for the item for the last 90 days. This will show what people have been willing to pay in today’s market.

2. Lang’s Auctions – Lang’s is the premier fishing tackle auction. They have established a searchable database of their auction results for over a decade. Their database is called “Tackle Find.” The link to their database is . They do charge a minimal fee for access to this database, but it’s considered by many to be money well spent.

3. Vintage Tackle Store Websites – There are a number of websites that offer vintage fishing reels for sale. The prices are set by the store and are at a fixed price. These prices are typically above present market value and that’s why the item is still available. But sometimes you will find a bargain.

Book Sources:

1. Lawson’s Price Guide – The 4th Edition is an 8 ½” x 11” 250 page book containing prices of over 13,000 entries. The book serves as a quick reference guide for anyone interested in finding reel prices. As a general price guide, it can helpful to determine the relative value of a reel compared to other reels. The book has been edited by Dr. John Elder and reflects his evaluation of reel values at the time of publication. The book can be purchased in the ORCA Store for $25 plus shipping at ... h-edition/.

Other Sources:

1. Tackle Shows - Probably one of the best sources to learn the value of antique fishing reels is to attend vintage fishing tackle shows. Here, items are priced and almost always negotiable. Talking to several collectors will give you a good idea of a reel’s value.

2. Talk To Other Collectors – If you know another reel collector, feel free to call and ask them their opinion. Most reel collectors are always glad to help another collector.
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