Shakespeare 2090 EJ

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Shakespeare 2090 EJ

Post by Caramango »

I just came across my grand father’s 2090 and it is missing the bail.

Where can I find one?


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Re: Shakespeare 2090 EJ

Post by Shellbelly »

Try Mats Reel Repair. Look up his site, go to parts, pick your brand. You'll need to know the part number. If it's not shown, don't give up. He's helped me through some tough times with discontinued reel parts. There's a submission form that you can fill out if you need to ask a question and he will answer... or you can call. A real person answers the phone. He's a very busy guy right now but he will try to help you.

2nd option, there's two of these reels on ebay right now.

I hope you find the part(s). I can relate to your dilemma.

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