Shakespeare Wondercast Spincast reels

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Shakespeare Wondercast Spincast reels

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I joined here a long time ago when I was going to go fishing with old school reels then ran out of money but just today I missed out on what looked to be a never used Shakespeare Wondercast 1795.
I have one Uncle Ed gave me years ago , and thought it would be nice to have a pretty one for display.

It sold for a few bucks under 60 dollars.
Just now I saw a nice model 1788 for sale , at last bid to near 50 dollars, it looks to be in good shape.

What is the difference between the 1795 and the 1788?

I have not used any of my reels for so long I am going to ship them to a gent in Wisc. who cleans-up and fixes them and that will cost me well over 100 dollars so before I buy one , because I can , I do not want to get a plug nickle.
Thanks for your time.

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Re: Shakespeare Wondercast Spincast reels

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Your best bet is to look these models up in the ORCA online library. You would need to look in the annual catalogs, five versions of the 1795 were made 1961-1967. The 1788 was made 1965-1968. I believe the 1788 had a heavier duty drag.
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Re: Shakespeare Wondercast Spincast reels

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… and unless you can’t turn a screwdriver without hurting yourself, you should just clean and lube the reel yourself and spend the hundy on another reel or something. Unless the reel is broken, a little soapy water, mineral spirits and then light grease and oil is all you need !
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