Nothing like smoked trout in the spring

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Mike N
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Nothing like smoked trout in the spring

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My son and his fishing buddy limited out on trout this weekend plus we had some in the freezer. After a night in an ice water salt and sugar brine, the head-on trout and fillets were brushed down with some Texas Pete hot sauce and smoked for 4 hours at around 200 degrees F for a nice, dry texture,.

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Midway Tommy D
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Re: Nothing like smoked trout in the spring

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Ha! The head-ons reminds me of my high school days! They look delicious, Mike!

A group of 8 or 10 of us, in my junior & senior years would go to the Village Inn every Fri before @ 6:00 AM for breakfast & coffee. I really like grilled trout and in those days head-on trout was law in restaurants, at least in NE anyway. At least a dozen times over those and my freshman college year I would order trout for breakfast. Tables were always preset with silverware, coffee cups and saucers. When the waitresses, buss boys & maitre d were busy or in the kitchen I would cut the head off the trout & put it under a cup as we were leaving. Saw an old lady one time as I was walking out the door just about have a heart attack when she turned over her coffee cup. We could hear screaming out side. :lol: Needless to say, we hightailed it out of there laughing our butts off. :jump: I've always wondered if all those trout head escapades had anything to do with the head-on requirement being eliminated in NE. :jester
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Re: Nothing like smoked trout in the spring

Post by arley »

My only problem with smoking trout is keeping them lit. Sorry , couldn't resist.
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