good whiskey

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good whiskey

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Stopped by the local liquor store and the owner told me he bought a barrel of special Buffalo Trace single barrel bourbon, wanted me to taste it. We've become friends over the years and he usually has something new and special to try.

Ambrosia. Some of the smoothest, best whiskey I've ever tasted.

He sold a case in one day, turned down a customer who wanted to buy 3 cases. Sold him 3 bottles. He wants to make sure his regular customers get a shot at it. (I love this guy.)

Best thing about it, besides the absolute quality? $27 +tax per fifth.

If you like bourbon like I do you might check with a good local liquor store to see if they buy special barrels like this one. The distillers identify batches of special quality and instead of blending them in with the regular whiskey they hold them out and often age them longer. They then make them available by the barrel to retailers and bottle the barrel with a special label like this one.

This Buffalo Trace batch is truly special. IMHO it's comparable to prestige whiskeys costing 5X as much and better than most. I don't know how many barrels were in this batch but there have to be others out there.

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