A visit to the Craftsmanship museum

Someplace just to show that reel collectors do have a life
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A visit to the Craftsmanship museum

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A bunch of us Corvette junkies get together once a month and one of them is a docent at an absolutely incredible local museum, filled with exquisite working miniatures of about every mechanical device ever made. I show some pics below and here is a link to their website and pics of many of their displays:

However, there is no substitution for an actual visit to truly appreciate the work. If any of you have an opportunity to be in The vicinity of Carlsbad, CA, its a must-see!

Keep in mind these are all working miniatures, not models! The deusenberg engine actually runs and 10 years to make, working 8 hr days!
Sorry... turning camera sideways for volume seemed like a good idea at the time :shock:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/9kx0l8tlgc440 ... M.mov?dl=0
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Re: A visit to the Craftsmanship museum

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Wow, John.
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