2011 Marhoff Display in Detail

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Len Sawisch
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2011 Marhoff Display in Detail

Post by Len Sawisch »

No rest for the wicked . . .

The Display explanation is at

The parts display picture, which can be magnified significantly, is at

And the parts index is at

The hints and answers are given at the bottom of the documents.

Please bring any inconsistencies to my attention because this is still a work in process! Thanks!

Len "I-slept-with-the-President" Sawisch

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Rick H
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Post by Rick H »

Sawisch...OMG! That last line is...the most PERFECT example of..."perfection in Comedic timing". Damned Funny!

THAT, is the Best Belly Laugh EVER! AND...at Deke's expense!

YOU are "The King of Presentations"!

Jim Wiegner
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Post by Jim Wiegner »

Great work Len. Neat and precise.
Even without my glasses, the details are sharp and clear.

Thanks kindly. You done good!

And I sleep with Rottweilers, who also snore. But I do sleep well.


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