2013 ORCA National Convention Update

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2013 ORCA National Convention Update

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The ORCA National Convention to be held September 5 – 7 in Frankfort, Kentucky is shaping up to be a most noteworthy event. The focus of the convention is on the reels made in Kentucky by the Old Masters – Meek, Milam, Gayle, along with numerous others that are even less frequently seen.

More than 60 members have already registered with more last minute people expected. A total of 69 tables are available at the Capital Plaza Hotel and all but four have been reserved. If you want a table contact Roger Schulz as soon as possible.

This will be the largest ORCA Convention held to date. We have an illustrious lineup of speakers covering many facets of the industry and several excursions to local historical points of interest are planned (including a distillery).

The Kentucky History Center has been in their vault and has created a special display of Kentucky reels, tools and templates, some of which have never been viewed by the public.

This event has been advertised to the public and even got a front page article in the Frankfort newspaper. The response to the article has been outstanding. I work in Frankfort and hardly a day has gone by since the article that I have not fielded an inquiry about the show. Nonmembers are welcome to the show on Saturday September 7 with no admittance charge.

For those of you that like Fullilove reels; the Owenton Kentucky newspaper also ran an article about the ORCA convention and dedicated some coverage to their hometown reel maker. I have talked with nearly a dozen people from Owenton that plan on attending wanting to see some Fullilove reels.

This is going to be a tremendous opportunity for everyone. Expect to see the largest accumulation of Kentucky reels ever assembled in one place. At least two reels made by George Snyder will be there. Have you ever seen a Snyder reel in person?

Hope to see you in Frankfort next week. Betty Barr and I have put much effort into making this a special show with something for everyone.

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