2013 ORCA Convention Having Fun

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2013 ORCA Convention Having Fun

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It's the second day of the Orca convention...Tomorrow is the big show...there have been some great speakers and a lot of history about the area here...I come basically as a travel companion with my father, but every year my interest grows...seeing some of the reels, but also because of the passion that some of these members have...I'm sure some is monetary motivation, but listening to some of these guys tell their stories and see their collections is truly an experience of its own. The amount of people that collect reels has to far exceed the amount of people here, so I can only imagine what is out there to be seen.

To be perfectly honest, at first just seeing my fathers reels and hearing about them didn't immediately spark my interest...only after attending the ORCA convention in Dowagic did I realize what it's really all about and the amount of passion there is in collecting, for personal reasons, monetary reasons, or just preserving history.

The people in charge and the ORCA board put on a good time...if this post finds you, and you've never attended an ORCA convention, and you have the means...come out next year.

Paul Kring

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