Great Show Thanks Betty and Doug

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Jonathan P. Kring
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Great Show Thanks Betty and Doug

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Thanks for all of your hard work and effort. I'm sure it can be sort of a thankless job. Everyone I talked to enjoyed themselves. I think a good time was had by all. Outstanding effort.

Richard Lodge
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Re: Great Show Thanks Betty and Doug

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I echo Jon's kudos to Betty Barr and Doug Carpenter for hosting a great show in Frankfort. A heck of a lot of coordination went into this one and they pulled it off like pros. I had a great time, although I had to cut it short and miss the events on Saturday so I could fly to Raleigh-Durham for the wedding of one of my nieces. But I had a fine time, enjoyed the city and the company and came home with two coin silver spoons made by B. F. Meek, an amazing Kentucky reelmaker and a heck of a fine silversmith, too!
-- Richard

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