As a younger Orcan who is sometimes more of a traveling companion than a collector, I really enjoy the conventions. Not only can you see some cool stuff, but the knowledge that's there and the friends you make is worth it as well. I guess there are all kinds of collectors so maybe people feel out of place with their collections, and maybe the die hard guys are there for reels or the dollar. Whichever you are the conventions are always fun. I won't argue you may not enjoy parts, or you may not travel, or you don't like the expense, but no one is always pleased. I will say this...everyone I met was welcoming and very one treated me as a lesser person and I enjoyed everyone I spoke with. Some guys are harder to crack but it's fun getting to know fellow Orcan and their wives. Ed and Butch did a fine job with the convention and hopefully whatever your reservations are you can make it next year. Thanks again guys, and to everyone I met or got to reacquaint with it was fun! Paul Kring