Fishing Report 11 Mi Canyon Friday 5/30

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Stu Lawson
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Fishing Report 11 Mi Canyon Friday 5/30

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We were told by the fly fishing store to try blue winged olives in sizes 20 and 22 as well as pheasant tail beadheads. Neither worked for us up near the dam, but others told us that small spinners worked early in the morning and then caddis larvae flies - size 16 (but looked like 20) in the late morning.

This was a weekday and the stream was crowded near the dam (10 miles in from Hwy 24) - couldn't get into our favorite hole. I might suggest an early departure from Colo. Springs - 5 am maybe - as it's a good hour's drive to the canyon and another 20-30 minutes all the way to the end of the road.

It's fantastically beautiful country and a joy to fish. The trout are wild and great fighters. We also saw what we think was a muskrat, a marmot, an eagle and many, many fish, which declined our offerings, but with such gorgeous country who can complain? Be sure to fish it if you have the opportunity - you won't regret it. / Stu Lawson

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Yo Stu! I can see a size 22 fly in my fly box (if I have my glasses on) but when it gets on the water it is totally invisible (to me, at least). Also, need my grandson to tie it onto a 7x tippet!

Sounds like a great place. Wish I was there!

Tight lines! Bad Bob

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11 mile

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Here I am, the 2008 host, and I don't have my fishing gear!

As soon as school got out last week (I teach HS), 2 hours later we are on our way to our cabin in Glen Haven near Estes Park. We had to be back Monday evenng, so we had a family and activity packed weekend at the foot of the majesticly beautiful Rocky Mountain Nationial park peaks.
My wife decided to cram in the Boulder Boulder run Monday morning with her sister, so I took her down the Thompson narrows to catch a bus with her sister early in the morning, and rush back to sqeeze in a little more fishing in the little North Fork of the Thompson river that borders my property.

Then I rushed around trying to do all the choirs assigned to me before leaving, cleaning, picking up, getting my 14 year old son off the mountain behind our the cabin in time to pick up my wife and head home, and of course, I left ALL my fishing gear behind. All I can think about right now is the up coming show and getting everything ready, and I guess I am just ready for membership in the OLD FART club.

So, I AM A FISHING COLLECTOR, and coming up with a rod, reel, and a few old flies is not a problem, but I am going to have to RENT waders at the Angler's Covey in order to fish, (the water is clear and COLD).

Stu is not over stating the beauty of 11 mile canyon, and that is why I picked it. I hope you all coming to the show, contest or not, can make time to fish it or just drive through it. In the early morning and evening lighting, it is wonderous canyon. Bill.

Jack Bright
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11 mile canyon report

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Great Stu, give us your daily report please. Especially
the ones that got away ! At least including to the first of June.

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