Fishing Report 11 Mile Canyon - Sunday 6/1

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Fishing Report 11 Mile Canyon - Sunday 6/1

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Water was clear, cold and low today - 62 cu. ft./sec. We got into the water at 6:30 this morning, and I started out with a bright green caddis larvae fly - then tied on 8-10 other patterns to no avail. We could see fish sipping something off the surface, but couldn't see what - something mighty small though - think size 22-24 flies. We also heard stories on Friday about catches on spinners early in the morning. Think emergers and dry flies too.

Others told us of catching a fish once in a while today, and it was always on a size 22 something or other - one was an RS-2 with foam wings. The river was heavily fished yesterday (Saturday) and today, so a few days rest before we get there for the contest on Thursday should be helpful.

We had kids rafting downstream on tubes today, but my brother asked them to pull out on the bank whenever they saw fishermen and walk around them, as they'd scare the fish. The kids complied and we probably won't have any problem with them on Thursday. With water that cold I don't know how they stood it. And speaking of cold, the canyon itself is very cold in the early morning - I was wearing a light long-sleeved shirt and a zippered sweatshirt under my vest and was comfortable - except for my hands - they were frozen. Might be a good idea to rig up your rods the night before - it'll give you more fishing time too, and you won't have to tie on tiny flies with frozen hands.

The wind came up about 11:30 this morning - around 10:30 on Friday. Somewhat difficult to cast flies at that point.

Looking forward to seeing you all. I'm planning to fish the canyon again tomorrow, so there might me one more fishing report coming. Tight lines. / Stu

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