2008 ORCA Colorado National a Big Thanks from Bill

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2008 ORCA Colorado National a Big Thanks from Bill

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I finally got things pretty much put away and sorted, and will shortly (30 minutes) be heading up to my cabin near Estes Park for a week before I have knee surgery. I will be able to relax a little, retreive my fishing gear & fish a little, finish up a little sheet rock job in the cabin, then just suck up the clean, crisp mountain air.

I wanted to thank everybody before I go for participating in my show and hope everybody was able to take a prize home with them, weither it be a reel, or a nice memory, a new friend or two, or just a good time with old friends. I know, it is ALL the above for me.

I want to let every one know that Brooks Muse from Jacksonville FL., is doing better and better towards a full recovery but was really knocked for a loop apparently with food poisoning. I am greatful he is home and improving and I wish him a speedy full recovery.

My show host Nate Dunham was essential in helping me plan, set up and run the show. A lot of other people stepped up and helped out in many ways. George & Ann Stoever, Gary Carbaugh, Roger Schultz & Dave Erickson, Don Woodhouse, Stu Lawson, Russ Janes, Mark French, Henry Caldwell, Jack and Mary Mihok, Don Buchbinder & Sue Hall, Jerry & Margret Shemechko, Dennis Brittain, John & Debbie Ganung, Jim Schottenham, Willis Logan, Richard Lodge, Robin Salyer & Heaher Menting, Phil White, Dennis Buraneck, Jeff Hatton, and I know I am probably forgetting someone, but out all hepled me personally or helped in some part with the convention. Many others helped with things I am not aware of either such as tackle appraisals in specific areas of their expertice as well as sharing of information, advice, etc, that goes on between indiviuals at the show.

You do not do these things alone, and though I may have run myself ragged, I could not have made the show the success I hope it was without everyone and especially all my friends above.

Thanks a million everyone! What a hoot! Sincerely, Bill Land.

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