Boy Scout Merit Badge

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Boy Scout Merit Badge

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I was unable to attend the convention. I read in the minutes that a discussion of a merit badge for Boy Scouts may be considered. Is this still in the works? Is there anyone putting on seminars for differant groups that talk about reel collecting? I think it's time to get the younger generation interested. Thank you, Randy

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merit badge

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I think that there already is a merit badge for collecting. It entails
quite a little bit of knowledge of how to insure one's collection, placing
a value on it, how to pursue your treasures, and assorted other stuff.
The reason I'm aware of this is because my grandson is one step away from his Eagle scout badge. His troop members showed an interest in
learning more about collecting old tackle so I volunteered.
I also have taken on teaching anyone who wants to know, the rudiments of flyfishing. they have to learn how to cast a fly, tie one, and catch a fish.

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