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Member Profile Ben Wright

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ORCA Member Profile: Ben Wright has been collecting open face spinning reels for more than 50 years.
He is also an author and historian and has written five books along the way. His latest book Wright's Spinning Reel Reference and Value Guide first edition 2012 has more than 6,000 different spinning reels listed with history and values.
He is known as the spinning reel "GURU" by most collectors world wide.
He has been a member of ORCA for some 20 years and is a past president and vice president and is a columnist for the ORCA Reel News magazine and the Classic Angling magazine from the UK.

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Re: Member Profile Ben Wright

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I remember Ben lecturing on spinners way back at the ORCA Meet in Columbia SC (2011) and thought "OK, spinning reels. Not my thing but there may be something interesting here." Well, Ben was way ahead of the game! His ongoing enthusiasm is a great asset for ORCA. Hard to estimate what he alone has done for spinning reel research and collecting. Keep on keepin' on Ben!

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Re: Member Profile Ben Wright

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I might mention here that when I talked Ben into writing a column on spinning reels and published it in the Reel News, I received a very negative phone call from the ORCA President. He wanted no such column in the magazine.

Current officers of ORCA might look into the future and encourage such a venture again. It might stimulate new interest in ORCA.

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