Welcome to the ORCA 2020 National Display Forum

ORCA Members Post your National Displays which will be judged on Sept 19 at noon.
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Welcome to the ORCA 2020 National Display Forum

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The ORCA 2020 National Virtual Show is live on Monday Sept 14, and this is the first event! ORCA Members may post their collection display item here! Please use one topic per display. The displays follow the familiar Show and Tell format and will be judged based on historical value, appearance, and overall contribution to the art. Awards will be made for First, Second, Third, and Best of Show. Judging is closed on Saturday Sept 19 at noon.

Many of you cannot attend the National Shows in person, and this is your chance to show your collection to everyone. Post your best items, and comment on anything just as you would at a live show. ORCA really looks forward to seeing new collections, so please participate. I am excited!
Matt Wickham
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