Meisselbach #21 Expert for sale

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Meisselbach #21 Expert for sale

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Important ad info on the #21 surfaced in the time frame between P. White's hardback release in 1995 and the spiral bound "More Meisselbach & Meisselbach-Catucci Fishing Reel's publication in 2006 wherein he identified the existance of the #21 Expert. He owned or had access to a pin drag version and another and included photos of both in chapter 26. Until that time the 21 was generally thought to be a #22 as the spool and frame are actually the same. A year ago I bought a pin drag 21 from Roger Schultz.

Since then 2 exposed rear click reels have landed in my lap.....both advertised as 22's. I do not need 2, hence am selling one......$100 is VG mechanically with uniform plating loss. I believe it was made prior to 1890 as the only marking is "Expert" on one of the frame crossmembers

The 21 is easy to identify from a few decent photos. The screw fixment of the foot and upright to the frame and more importantly the use of a unique 1/4-40 tpi nut and machine screw to hold the spool in place on the frame.

I have only to guess it's rareity.....I have never seen one offered for sale.

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