Heddon 270R

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Heddon 270R

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Looking for a bail spring for the subject reel. Does anyone know if another Heddon reel's bail spring will fit the 270R?

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Re: Heddon 270R

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Parts for those are tough to come by, especially bail springs. Don't lose the original, you may have to use it as a pattern to (DIY) make one.

Some guys use the slot in a combo screwdriver. I prefer to use a tap T-Handle with a tap a little smaller than the ID of the spring coil, the new coil will expand a little, and the correct size SS wire. Make the appropriate bend on the end & insert it into a space in the T-Handle & wind the SS wire around the tap until you get the correct # of winds and spaced as they should be, plus a little. Cut it a little long and make the correct bend on the end. Making sure the end bends are spaced in the correct positions relative to each other is important in getting the bail to close properly.
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Re: Heddon 270R

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Tommy, visual aids would help… can you show making one?
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Re: Heddon 270R

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I typed "Heddon bail spring" into ebay and got springs for 205, 210, 242, 251, and 282. No 270 -I see it's a SW sized reel- but at least we know it's a coil type spring and know what it looks like (see pic). I mention this bc you may be able to modify a same diameter spring from a similar sized reel, even a different brand. Cut it down and bend the ends appropriately.
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