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My take ...

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Here's my take on this...

Honest guys are always going to be honest guys and crooks will always be crooks. Nothing, NOTHING will change this. Period.

So, we can have rules, we can have regulations, we can have bylaws, definitions and standards out the wazooo... and the honest guys will still be honest and the crooks will still be crooks.

You can go to Canal Street and buy one helluva' convincing fake Rolex for $29. Don't you think Rloex has invested a couple of bucks trying to prevent that? Don't you think the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry has tried to stop that? We are not talking old fishing reels here... this is serious stuff! It can't be stopped.

I commend all of you guys for your conviction and your enthusiasm but just don't see our cause getting outside of our tiny little circle.


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Recommended Practice

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I think there would be no harm done if ORCA members got their heads together and published a Recommended Practice that said: If you are going to create a replacement part for a (collectible) reel, then it should be marked by the part maker in the following (unobtrusive) manner...

ORCA can form a committee to specify guidelines for symbols like hallmarks used for silver or whatever.

ORCA could act as a registrar/repository for the maker's marks. It would take a bit of record keeping (perhaps by the library) and some committee work to develop the guidelines and approve/register new marks.

The documentation can be extremely brief, posted in electronic format right on this website, avoiding costs for hard copy printing.

This approach provides a mechanism for preventative restoration that automatically includes an audit trail of who did what. People will feel better about any reels in their possession that comply with a recommended practice endorsed by ORCA.

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Just relocated this to the proper forum. Thanks to Ron McC for suggesting it.

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all of my worked is marked!

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:D :) :wink: :!: :?: :idea: :type: jump jump usa (pamanual_ca, I do a lot of reels in a years time and you can be certain any I work on are marked! You wont likly find th mark, however its THERE! some things that I dont mard is a screw, or washer, howver all gears, spools, click parts, frames, shafts , pawls, and so forth are well marked! As I dalso do wareenty work, for several companies,I mark the reel so it dont turn up again for warrenty work well after the warrenty experation and all of us in the centers know each others mark! as for antique reel, they too are well marked , hard to see without a LOUPE! I do it on comecial reels as these do get stolen off charter Boats even the Owner dosent know where the marks are! However a LAW JUDGE will see it! as has seen the marks! As stated ,you will never stop a person with a (BENT MIND) and if you thaing reels are being clobbered then you should see what its like in the ANTIQUE GUN FIELD! One thaing that is hard to prove is a replate if its done properly, however its very time cosuming to use the older methods, The best defence you can do is spread the word! ie if you see its clobbered advise others whom or what store , dealer, etc it came from! BE Darn Certain you know the reel was altered or it can come back to haunt you! Intrstate fraud over a certain dollar amount $100.00 in Kentucky, as its a commenwealth, other staes etc very! $100.00 in KY is a felony and will get the person at least 1 year in jail! That brands them for LIFE! Ohio is all over the board, Tenn. is $100.00 . One of the main reasons we get snookered is that GREED SUPERCEDS beter Judgment, and that makes us STUPID! thaus we play into the criminals hands! ( in fairness to the honest repair folks and reselers, in the days before colecting came into play, most all tackle shops caried a parts kit for emergency repairs Pfluger, Shakespere, Bronson, South Bend etc! If the part fit it went on the reel so the fishrerperson could get bact to fishing! NO FRAUD WAS INTENDED! This most likly is not all or the answere you want however its the best most likly that can be availible! Your Ohio Conection On Lake ERIE Col. Milton Lorens aka SWIM JIG owner of E-Z ACTION PRODUCTS CO. REEL REPAIR!

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