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Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:47 am 
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All this talk about reel lubes reminded me of an experiment I've been meaning to try. If you pick up the box papers for a Coxe freshwater reel made (1939-1950) before Bronson took over those Coxe reels in 1951, you will read a recommendation that sheep tallow makes a good lubrication on their gears. Jason Lucas in his 1946 book recommended sheep tallow also as a gear lubricant. This recommendation was still in the 1962 edition of "Lucas on Bass Fishing". As an avid flintlock shooter of many years, I have had a large container of sheep tallow on the shelf for over 20 years. I thought that in the interest of being authentic to the period I would lube up the gears on a couple of my 25N's and give it a try. So far it has worked great. No foul smells, no stiffening of the lubricant during cold weather and best of all, quiet casting. I will continue to use it this season unless the flys start gathering around my reels in significant numbers.---LOL

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 4:09 pm 
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On another forum, and this one pertaining to mostly fly reels, some of the guys say that they never grease or oil their reels at all and have never done so in over 30 years or so and that the reels all function as if they were brand new. That's what they have said, and I'm not going to argue with them, but I find it rather difficult to believe. I have a fairly large collection of vintage single action fly reels. Most of the reels I receive are caked with old hard grease that comes off in chunks. I know that's just the way they did things when these reels first came out. I prefer to be somewhere in the middle between the "no grease or oil" guys and the "no such thing as too much grease" guys. After cleaning all the old grease and gunk off, I use a drop of good gun oil here and there (and never too much) very sparingly, leave it at that, and I believe I am doing it right. At least I hope so.

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