All, I just came in from my shop where I was working on a Penn 320GTI. The rear gears that drive the level wind were stripped out, they are made of that wonderful invention,,,plastic? Anyway, I have a spare junker and decided to rob the parts from it. When I went to take the spare reel apart, I found that due to neglect, the spool shaft was rusted to the drive gear and I could not pull it apart. No big deal, take the end cap off and tap the end of the shaft to loosen it. Yeh, right. After beating on it with a hammer in a vice using a nail set for 5 minutes, I totally destroyed the junk reel! By the way, I did get my parts I needed for the other reel. My point is, after pay $150 and up for a fishing reel, why on earth wouldn’t someone pay a few dollars (I charge $15) to have a simple “ oil change” done on your investment!!! No, it’s easier to ignore the maintenance once a year and complain that your reel only lasted 3 years and seized up! ,,,just needed to vent!