Alien plague threatens old reels!

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Alien plague threatens old reels!

Post by JoeW »

(think of the theme from Twilight Zone" as you read)

OK, so I accidentally left an old reel overnight in a bucket of Dawn detergent and water. Woke up, remembered the reel, picked it out of the bucket, took a look, and GASPED in horror, dropping the reel as I backed up! Covered with little white bumpy "pimples"! Finally got up the nerve to grab it with salad tongs and run it under hot water. Seemed to have cleaned off the growths. Conclusions:

There IS an alien life form present of which reel collectors should be aware. It lives in, and is transmitted, by Dawn detergent, and grows only old fishing reels. Hot water seems to destroy it. At present, it appears that this is the only way it grows... but I keep checking my hands for mysterious white bumps!

Keep watching, keep watching... they're out there! If enough similar incidents occur, I'll keep a file and report it to the CDC! Have fun- Best---- Joe Walkowski (WNYTC ORCA)

PS: I had a thought: saying "Klaatu barrada nikto" may deactivate the aliens?

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Re: Alien plague threatens old reels!

Post by Harry Verdurchi »

Hope it's not from URANUS :shock:

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Re: Alien plague threatens old reels!

Post by RAM »

Maybe it just infects Pflueger reels!

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Re: Alien plague threatens old reels!

Post by arley »

'Watch the skies, keep watching the skies. An intelligent carrot- the mind boggles'.
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