Mitchell Question

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Mitchell Question

Post by busterboy »

Greetings ORCANS! I am back :D after a year of lapsed memory :roll: I just acquired a Garcia Mitchell 407 in basically new condition. SN 703015 with matching box. Upon getting it home and looking closer, I discovered that the bail wire mount was bent over so far that it would not spool line :oops: . The spool itself was difficult to get off. When I got it off I discovered that the locking pin on the axle had been sheared off. This reel must have encountered some serious trauma on its way to its first fishing outing.

My question is, can the pin on the axle be tapped out with punch and replaced :?: Also, should I replace the bail wire mount or will it be OK to straighten it out in a vice?

Thanks in advance :bow: :bow:

Stan "Buster" Cowton
Buster Cowton :usa

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Re: Mitchell Question

Post by don309 »

Buster, I just joined this site. But I may be able to help, I believe the part for the bail your talking about is PICKUP MOUNT #81594. The axle I would also replace Axle 81578. Ebay sellers have them.

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