Stripping nickel plated brass

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Stripping nickel plated brass

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Babe in the woods on this one. I have a very few Meisselbach and Hendryx reels with considerable plating loss. Am considering stripping the nickel, particularly on one. Bit of searching reveals Caswell, Inc. Metal X, and Metalline Corp. CU-1776, 6400, or "nickel strip".....or have it done professionally. Am aware that stripping will not pit the metal, but may dull the part, depending upon the underlying surface if done properly....and may require post polishing. Leave them alone, or do something otherwise?....suggestions appreciated....Dave

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Re: Stripping nickel plated brass

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IMHO NPB reels with lots of nickel loss are in purgatory. Too ugly as is, “violated” if stripped, and scorned if re-plated. If it is a rare and valuable item or a reel that one day may be sold to other collectors, I would leave it. However, if you’re going to strip it one way or the other, why not go the cheap route by soaking in vinegar/water for longer than the typical cleaning period then use fine 0000 steel wool to remove what didn’t fall off on the bath? If it’s brass underneath it will get uglier after that bath. Then you’ll have to decide whether to remove more surface and shine up the base metal or leave it ugly.
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Re: Stripping nickel plated brass

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I’m no authority on plating but I’m told it’s relatively easy to nickel plate as opposed to chrome plating. If you decide to do keep in mind it’s frowned upon but should you decide to sell let the next person know that it was done...Tight Lines Nick in NY
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