Repairing an ebonite reel

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Repairing an ebonite reel

Post by kevinhaney1 »

Can anyone put me in touch with someone who could possibly repair a chipped ebonite plate on the below reel?


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Re: Repairing an ebonite reel

Post by reelsmith. »

Hey Kevin.

This is going to sound like a crazy question, so I apologize in advance ...are you sure its ebonite? Looks like alloy to me.

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Re: Repairing an ebonite reel

Post by dbummee »

If anybody can do it, and it is ebonite, you're best bet is John Elder. One of the best,
and most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to this kind of repair work.

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Re: Repairing an ebonite reel

Post by Stef Duma »

This reel looks like its English and I agree with Dean that it looks like alloy. Early alloy reels did have a tendency to chip and fracture. Can we see the other side please?

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