New cork handle installation

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Richard Handler
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New cork handle installation

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I have a few steel baitcasting rods (True Temper) that need new cork handles. I wonder whether anyone can tell me what material or product to use to fill the empty space inside the cork ?

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john elder
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Richard: The rod guys use cork dust mixed with glue for that job...can likely use yellow glue, similar to how we do it with wood. Take an old wine bottle cork or busted handle and a fairly fine file and make "dust" , catching it on the lid from an old butter dish or similar flat plastic. When you have enough, drop on a glop of yellow glue and stir til it's thoroughly mixed (not too much...just want a thick paste), then take a piece of flat plastic lid and work it into the holes. You may have to layer over with more than one application, since it will contract when it hardens. Build it up above the surface of the handle. When it's dry and sufficiently overfilled, take that file of a sanding block and even it out with the shape of the handle. Hope this helps!

Don Champion
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I remember in the early to mid-fifties when you could go into a sporting goods store and buy replacement handles new for about 40 to 50 cents. Geezer Don

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