Cleaning: Gloss, satin & matte painted finishes

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Cleaning: Gloss, satin & matte painted finishes

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The as-new (60's-70's) Martins I've picked up have finishes ranging from high-gloss, to satin, to matte, each attractive in their own way. While I'm not cleaning these particular reels I'd appreciate comments as I'd like to cleana dozen fished (or abused) Martins which have the same odd range of original finishes. (Not to be confused with finish damage from sun, water, salt etc.).

I assume the varying quality of the original finish was a result of the sprayer's hand when they were painted (and not any style considerations from management, but maybe I'm wrong). I may have missed some discussion but are there particular considerations as to gloss-to-matte finishes when cleaning...

These are two as-new, boxed & "closeted" Martin 63's showing the finish variance for a baseline. Believe me, the "cleaners" look a lot worse:


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Hi mac,
Review my post on this thread.

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