Can cracked rubber sideplates be restored?

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Paul M
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Can cracked rubber sideplates be restored?

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Somebody I know has an old fly reel with a severely cracked rubber backplate- chocolate brown color. Then handle side of the reel is metallic. The break is a triangle shaped piece sized about 25% of the sideplate. I guess the reel is about 3 inches in diameter but i have only seen an unscaled picture. It there a way to repair/restore that material to a solid piece with a smooth surface?


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john elder
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Paul: It can be done, but not undetectable. that's a pretty big piece to lose! Depends on whether the reel has much value as to whether it's worth doing or just retiring the reel to the parts pile. If you want to pursue it, give me an email and I'd be happy to have a look.

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