vintage reel spools

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vintage reel spools

Post by wildoff181 »

This is my first post and probably will be posting on a regular basis.
Last year I bought out a reel repair business deciding to start one of my own. Things did'nt work out so now I will begin putting items on ebay.

I have thousands of items, many I'm not sure what brands or what reels they fit. I am starting out with spools, some I know are vintage so I hope someone can help me out if they are worth anything.

I have two spools(plastic) for a spinning reel,light yellow in color and I believe these were clear when new. The bottom lip of the spool has equally spaced holes about 1/4" in dia. and the top reads "Thommen Record" 50-400.

3 spools, metal w/holes spaced equally on lower liip, top reads "Marine Record 500" Made in Switzerland, one marked "Record Spinning Reel", Swiss Made,(smaller in size). These are a pale green in color. Also pale green in color is one marked "TOMSURF" 4T MODEL.

I have others with numbers on top,some made in Italy and others. Hope I'm not boring anyone but just wanted to know if these might be collectible
in case anyone was interested before I put them up on ebay.
Thanks in advance...John

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Re: vintage reel spools

Post by Bronco »

Hi John,

Sorry things didn't work out like you planned. I also have a reel repair business -- and things don't always work out for me like I wish they would, either!

There are folks on this board who know about your parts and collect the type of things you may have. There is a good deal of knowledge on this forum.

If you have a lot of experience on eBay, then you will probably do fine by listing items that you have.

However, if you list items that are not going to sell well (for any number of reasons) -- you will end up paying good money out of your pocket to the eBay machine for little or no gain. So, do your homework, get a feel for what will sell and what won't -- then plan accordingly.

If you wish to discuss individual items -- or get a feel for the direction you wish to head -- you can contact me anytime at:


I would be glad to give you my 2 cents, along with discussing some ideas, if you wish.

All the Best, Fred

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got any Coxe parts?

Post by orourke »

I need a handle and star drag for a J.A. Coxe 9/OCR


Dave "O"

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