lubricating old Pflueger fly reels

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Bill Gaude
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lubricating old Pflueger fly reels

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Have determined Zebco/quantum grease is best (and expensive) but where arethe basic grease lube points on a 1494, etc. The drag and click ratchet would be obvious but where else. The spool release cam would look like a potential- have diagrams and names. These are part of my collection but want them done right and might grab one and use it. Thanks

Ron Mc
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I keep light oil in the pawl, on the spindle and the handle spindle. I also try to put just a bit of grease in the track on the ratchet plate - a toothpick works well for doing this.

If you feel like removing the ratchet plate, I do the same thing to the drag pawl and bottom side of the ratchet plate.

and light oil on the drag block and threads.

generally, grease is for high contact stress, such as drag gears and latch grooves. Oil is for spindles and any part you want to rotate freely.


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