Early 15/0 Fin-Nor CT model

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Early 15/0 Fin-Nor CT model

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This is what I believe is an early 15/0 Fin-Nor CT model reel. I say early because of a couple unusual features it has when I compare it to other CTs. First off the bearing cap on the tail plate is the domed style chrome over brass type I have seen mostly on the earlier small drum Fin-Nor's. Second it has the early hand engraved Fin-Nor logo this is the only CT model I have seen with that logo. Please let me know if any one else out there has seen this logo and domed cap on any other CTs ?? One other thing unusual to me is the rod clamp doesn't have the loop for the safety line on it ?? Early or just different style ??

Then there is the red anodized handle ? Don't know if it is a replacement or custom color for buyer or maybe Grieten had made a few for red reels like you see and had an extra ?? Any body out there have an educated guess ? Or maybe the original was just lost or busted and this one was put in it's place !! Looks pretty cool to me and it has the old style grove for the locking bar to fit in which works perfect. I put line on it because it looks neat to me but the spool is in nice shape. The reel shows use and some scrape marks but has been pretty well cared for considering it's age I am guessing 1938 or 39 but that is a guess. Ed , Butch, Jay , Nick or anybody else who collects Fin-Nor's I hope you chime in with your thoughts !! Thanks for looking !
John Taylor

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Re: Early 15/0 Fin-Nor CT model

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Great reel John, I enjoyed talking with you about it today. As we discussed, it appears to be a pre-war reel, most likely 1939. The handle looks like Fin-Nor Machine Industries vintage. You are putting together a great Fin-nor collection, keep it up.
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Re: Early 15/0 Fin-Nor CT model

Post by KIWI »

Nice reel John! Those hand engraved marks are cool. Doug

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