Hardy Times

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Jay White
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Hardy Times

Post by Jay White »

3 of Hardy Brothers largest "game" reels.
9" extra wide Fortuna with auxiliary brake. Made of duralumin.

9" Fortuna reel made of Monel metal. Only 5 of these made. In a rare Hardy "box" leather case.

8 1/2" Zane Grey. Only 15 of these produced. Note the large "free-spool" lever on the front rim. Only one of these seen to date. Also note the harness lugs mounted on the top and the large bicycle grip.

3 1/2" smallest Zane Grey for size comparison. Only 13 of these made. Rarely seen White-Wickham gaff.


Stef Duma
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Re: Hardy Times

Post by Stef Duma »

Jay, WOW what a collection

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Re: Hardy Times

Post by reelsmith. »

Very Nice Jay !

Thanks for sharing those.

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Re: Hardy Times

Post by 54bullseye »

Really nice Jay !! Beautiful stuff ! John Taylor

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Mike N
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Re: Hardy Times

Post by Mike N »


Great reels. Makes me want to start collecting some of the big boys.

Mike N
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Re: Hardy Times

Post by RonG »

More on Lang's auction are available. I think you're the one person that really can get them all :D . Great Hardy collection showing rare models.

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Re: Hardy Times

Post by reeltackle »

Great reels Jay! That auction in Daytona where where you picked up the 8 1/2 inch Zane Grey reel and I got the Kovalovsky Zane Grey reel must have been at least 26 years ago.
Ed Pritchard
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butch carey key west
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Re: Hardy Times

Post by butch carey key west »

Thanks for sharing. Absolutely stunning

Nick in NY
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Re: Hardy Times

Post by Nick in NY »

I believe it was at Daytona in 94.... show/sale was hosted by South Bay and both reels sold in the neighborhood of $7,000 each while Ed got the Kovalovsky, Jay got the Hardy! It was rumored that Klein had a hand in the altering of the Z.G. adding the rings and free spool! I got a nice Kovalovsky as well..... Jay if/when I loose interest in my Alma’s you’ll get a call....but it’s not a 7”! Tight lines Nick in NY
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Re: Hardy Times

Post by Russ »

Now thats something you dont see every day , super reels thanks for sharing

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Re: Hardy Times

Post by stevenm »

Wow! A bunch of hens teeth in one pic. Very nice!
Like those Kentucky style reels

John Savu
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Re: Hardy Times

Post by John Savu »

Great reels and pics ! I love reading about reels I know nothing about. Lots of reading opportunities left for me !! John

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