Neat little unknown Brass Reel

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john elder
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Neat little unknown Brass Reel

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ORCAn Craig Barber came up to me at the Tulsa Convention with a small brass reel he found in upper New York state about 15 years ago. It is very well made and except for a probable solder repair to the foot at some point, is in excellent cosmetic and working condition. Diameter is 1 3/4” by 1.5” wide. I believe it was fished under the reel as a right hand retrieve fly reel, given the orientation of the round pillar that acts as a roller guide. The spool diameter is the same as that of the side plate, explaining the unique (? To me at least) construction of the pillars, a simpler construction than raised pillars if one lacks a mill. The pillars have been marked along with the side plate to indicate where they should be placed. Nice little solid-made reel. Craig indicated that he had kept it long enough and then gifted it to me! We have such a great club and members like Craig abound! Yet another opportunity for me to find a suitable way to pay it forward... thanks, Craig!

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Re: Neat little unknown Brass Reel

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Cool! Edwin Judge prototype, no doubt.

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Jay White
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Re: Neat little unknown Brass Reel

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That is one neat looking little reel! What a great gift!

joe klaus
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Re: Neat little unknown Brass Reel

Post by joe klaus »

Very neat reel!

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Re: Neat little unknown Brass Reel

Post by Jason »

Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

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