Honored and humbled

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Honored and humbled

Post by reeltackle »

I went to P.O. Box 3 Jupiter, Florida today and found this plaque waiting for me there .....
I am truly humbled to be deemed worthy of such an honor by my peers and friends in ORCA.

I remember attending a "lure" show in Columbus Ohio back in 1989. I was talking with Mike Nogay, Charlie Price and a couple of other reel guys about how much fun it would be to go to a tackle show that specialized in reels. Mike suggested starting a club so we talked about it for a while and Mike said he would head up the project. After some discussion we thought $10.00 (it was $10.00 wasn't it Mike?) would be a good figure for club dues. I can't remember if I handed my $10.00 to Mike before Charlie did but we both couldn't get the money out of our pockets fast enough. Mike did all the leg work from there and so was born ORCA.

I have belonged to many clubs over the years but none as well run as ORCA. The best newsletter, the best web-site, the best conventions, the best researchers and people willing to share their hard won information and help others ... so many friends that I truly care about and so many more that I hope to meet some day. My sincere thanks to ORCA, Mr. Pie and all involved for this honor.


Ed "Reels As Big As Your Head" Pritchard

Ed Pritchard
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"Reels As Big As Your Head" Always looking for BIG game reels and anything else that might go along.


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Re: Honored and humbled

Post by reelsmith. »

Well deserved, my friend.

Congratulations !

Wanted: Kosmic Items, Small Leather Fly Reel Cases, Early Fishing Related Bottles, Fly Reels and Pre-1900 Angling/Casting Medals.


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Re: Honored and humbled

Post by Steve »

What Dean said. :cool

Steve Vernon
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"Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose."

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john elder
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Re: Honored and humbled

Post by john elder »

Ditto! :bow:

Thanks for being such a strong contributor to the information flow that makes this Club great, Ed!
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Post by 54bullseye »

Congrats Ed !!!! Your the REEL Man ! John Taylor

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Re: Honored and humbled

Post by RonG »

That's a good wall-hanger. Congratulations.

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Re: Honored and humbled

Post by Midway Tommy D »

Congratulations, Ed! You truly deserve that recognition!
Love those Open Face Spinning Reels! (Especially ABU & ABU/Zebco)

Tom DeLong, NE
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joe klaus
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Re: Honored and humbled

Post by joe klaus »

Congratulations Ed! This year's plaque could not have gone to a more deserving person.

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Mike N
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Re: Honored and humbled

Post by Mike N »

Congratulations, Ed. Truly deserved for all you have done for the hobby and for the generous way you share information about old fishing reels. Well done!

Mike Nogay


It was $10. I wasn’t sure if you Florida boys would trust an old West Virginia boy with much more until you saw the first newsletter. (-:
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Re: Honored and humbled

Post by wrong99 »

Congratulations, Ed, and thanks for everything you do. Makes it fun!

Brian F.
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Re: Honored and humbled

Post by Brian F. »

Congrats Ed!
Brian F.

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Re: Honored and humbled

Post by Ron Mc »

pretty cool

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Robyn Summerlin
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Re: Honored and humbled

Post by Robyn Summerlin »

Congratulations, Ed! And thanks for all the information you've provided over the years.
ORCA Member

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Robin Sayler
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Re: Honored and humbled

Post by Robin Sayler »

Well deserved Ed! Congratulations
I would like any unusual pflueger casting reels!

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Wayne B.
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Re: Honored and humbled

Post by Wayne B. »

Congratulations Ed! Thanks for your contributions to Reel Talk and letting us see pictures of your little reels!
Wayne Benson
ORCA Member, 2009

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Re: Honored and humbled

Post by 1badf350 »

Congratulations Ed!
-Chris R.

butch carey key west
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Re: Honored and humbled

Post by butch carey key west »

Ed, well deserved,thank you for all your help

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Re: Honored and humbled

Post by Jim Schottenham »

Congrats Ed!

Jay White
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Re: Honored and humbled

Post by Jay White »

Congrats Ed! I've learned more about Big Game reels from you than any one or any other source. You have also contributed more to my collection over the last 25 tears than anyone. Well deserved award my friend!!! :bow:

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Re: Honored and humbled

Post by Richard Lodge »

Just catching up to things, so a belated congratulations, Ed. We were sorry you couldn't be there to receive the honor in person but we all appreciate what you've done for ORCA and in furthering the appreciation and knowledge about fishing reels and their history. Big reels, more than anything!

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