A lowly reel??

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A lowly reel??

Post by Reeltyme »

A lot of you will smile at this, knowing what a great reel I am about to mention. Some of you, like myself, might be surprised as I was.

I purchased a large group of rods and reels last autumn with the intention of making a few dollars as well as adding to my ever growing collection. Stating the obvious, I worked on the “better quality” equipment first to make back my investment. Once they were cleaned and ready for sale, I began working on the “lesser” reels. This included the old push button casters. I have always viewed these reels as a poorer quality, beginners reel. I started to clean up a Johnson Century 100B. As I took the reel apart, after noting the several knobs for adjustments on the outside, I was amazed at the quality and craftsmanship on this little reel! The work that went into this very small framework of a reel blew me away! Not only was there a dual anti-reverse lever, and an external, numbered drag lever, but the handle is actually reversible to accommodate left and right hand retrieve! All enclosed in a very small metal housing! This is one very impressively built reel! I am sure that this is not an isolated case, just the first one my narrow minded way of thinking has been enlightened to! If nothing else, I will no longer “snub my nose” at reels that do not hold my admiration. Three cheers for USA craftsmanship!!

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Re: A lowly reel??

Post by Kyfish »

Johnson reels have developed quite a large following. Their trade reels have gotten really collectable and pretty expensive. There is a really good Johnson collector website.

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Re: A lowly reel??

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The Centuries & Citations have caught a lot of fish over the years and they're still out there catching them today. They have stood the test of time. :cool
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Re: A lowly reel??

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The design of the Johnson bait casting reels was ahead of its time. The numerically adjustable drag, the metallic color and the simple, compact design and large bail release, thumb-friendly, button make it almost foolproof to use. It’s always been one of my favs. The Johnson models 40A and 80 have a George Jetson space-age look to them and models in odd colors and great condition are, and likely will be, very collectible.
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