Thank you Jason Dennis

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Jim Schottenham
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Thank you Jason Dennis

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Sandy and I had a great visit while in Fairbanks, Alaska with Jason, who was kind enough to show us his awesome collection of reels, early metal lures and more. Going way above and beyond, he came to our hotel and picked us up, gave us the tour and brought us back. Reel collectors are always happy to share what they know, and I was fortunate to learn lots about his early reels.
From both Sandy and I, thank you Jason - hope we can return the favor if you make it to upstate NY.

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Re: Thank you Jason Dennis

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Reel collectors are always welcome. I enjoyed having you over.

I hope the rest of your trip was nice. I noticed the weather was beautiful that sunday that you went to Denali park. I could see Mt McKinley from my house so I'm sure you had good views.

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