Upcoming board elections...MEMBERS PLEASE READ!

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Upcoming board elections...MEMBERS PLEASE READ!

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In accordance with our bylaws, nominations for board member positions including President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Editor are being accepted and must be submitted to me by December 31, 2012. A complete copy of our bylaws can be found by clicking on "about ORCA" at the top of this board and following the prompts. For purposes of this announcement, these are the relevant articles:

Officers of the Corporation are established as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The office of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined and held by a single person. These Officers shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. Only members in good standing may hold office.


Nominations for Officers and Editor may be submitted by any member in good standing and must be submitted to the President by December 31 of even-numbered years. Every nomination must be written and must be accompanied by a written seconding of the nomination by another member in good standing and by an acceptance of the nomination by the nominee. The Board may eliminate a nominee from the ballot only if the nominee fails to meet the qualifications for office."

Since the original writing of the bylaws, the internet has moved to the forefront as a way we communicate with one another. The board has thus decided that "in writing" will include submissions made by email to the President by members in good standing and will be counted as if written by hand after verification of authenticity. As stated in the bylaws, the nomination along with a second by another member in good standing and an affirmation by the nominated party of willingness to serve must also be submitted for a nomination to be valid.

As of this writing, the current board members, including myself (President), Bill Muth (Vice President), and Roger Schulz (Secretary-Treasurer) are all standing for re-election if the membership so chooses. Official ballots will be mailed early next year, which will include the complete list of candidates along with statements from each candidate.

I have no doubt left out some details and will add them as prompted by our astute readership!

john e

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