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International members

Post by Abuadmiral »

Hi All
Is there a possibility that we may see our magazine online any time?
I am happy to read it each issue but rarely look back at it again, have years of membership mags here plus catch up back issue I wanted to read.
I would love to avoid the paper and just pay the normal subscription that all pay and then of course save a lot of expensive postage.
Worth a thought , appreciate management ideas?
Kind regards and Tight Lines

Wayne Real

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Re: International members

Post by john elder »

Wayne, I sent you a PM about this when you posted, but I see it is still should click on the new messages at the top of the board if you see anything by "0" messages. In any event, here is a slightly expurgated version of what I sent:

Wayne, thanks for your your post and yes, we have thought about starting an electronic version of the Reel News, particularly for foreign members. However, we haven't figured out how to prevent passing along the journal to you could imagine, if someone chose to do that, it would be one subscription per continent before long! Admittedly, that's an exageration, but you can see the potential problem...and we would have to offer it as an option Stateside or risk wrath of some local members. I asked a couple European members what they thought on a post and one of them cried out that he wanted his hard copy, so guess you can't please all.

Some mags don't worry about redistribution because they run their operation off advertising and the more readers, the better, regardless of an upfront membership. However, that's not the way we run. Your thoughts on this welcome.

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