Lang's Store 2014

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Lang's Store 2014

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Lang's Store info & tips

As we prepare for the upcoming listing on January 7th, we thought it might be helpful to post information and tips for the new shopping cart.

For those that have not attended a Lang's Store opening, we suggest that if you're not a fan of frenzied shopping (i.e.: Black Friday), just wait a couple of hours until the volume of shoppers subsides. Not every item is purchased during the opening rush! There are plenty of great items still available on Wednesday morning and even days after the opening. You may even want to wait until the following Tuesday evening (January 14 at 9:00pn EST), for the 20% off sale of the remaining items.

The functionality of the shopping cart portion of Lang's Store is completely new - no previous customer information was saved or transferred. For those that want to pre-register (highly suggested) and save their password and shipping information to expedite checkout during the opening, please do so now:

Load balancing servers are now in place to handle the large number of customers navigating the site and paying for items during the hectic first few hours. We are hoping this will make for a smooth and successful opening with no lag time or shut downs. We also chose to use a hosted shopping cart, rather than shopping cart software, so we will have tech support present during the opening should any cart issue need immediate technical attention.

Another big change you will notice, once the items become available, is the size of the photos. They are now much larger than the thumbnails of past listings so you can see details more clearly without the need to expend precious time going into each item's individual page (though we recommend you read the description and view the additional photos before you purchase an item). Because of the larger photo size, the cart's default setting only shows 18 items per page, but you can choose to increase the number you can view on each page to 54 - there is a drop down menu on the top right of each page.

The lots are offered in alphabetical order (numbered titles, such as 2 Creek Chub Wigglers, will come first), but you can now choose to sort by highest price or lowest price if you prefer. There is a second drop down menu on the top right of each page which can change the order in which you view the items.

If you are looking for a specific maker, size, color, etc., when the Store opens (to save time), use the Search bar on the top right corner of the screen to quickly search the entire inventory (almost 900 lots) for keywords. Example: Heddon Minnow, Vom Hofe, Frog, etc. Try to not choose phrases that are too specific, searching "Dette fly" may not turn up any results because all of the Dette lots are plural "flies", however searching just "Dette" will show all the Dette lots.


The absolute quickest way to check out will be with Paypal Express (if you have a current Paypal account). When you click the yellow “Check out with Paypal” button you will be re-directed to Paypal where you will enter your password, it then grabs your shipping information from your Paypal account and re-directs you back to your Lang's Store cart where the shipping is calculated based on your zip code. You then need to click the blue “Purchase” button for your order to be placed.

Checking out with a credit card will require you to enter in the card number, expiration date, and the 3 digit security code. Lang's Store will not save your credit card information, however, if your computer is on the right setting, you may be able to auto-fill that information. *Please note - that is a computer specific setting that we cannot help you with.

Checking out with a check/money order. There is a check payment option, however, we need to receive your check or money order within 5 days, otherwise your order will be voided and the item(s) placed back in stock.

As with all Lang's Store listings - placing an item in your shopping cart does not mean you've purchased it! Multiple customers can place the same item in their cart - the first person to actually pay (complete the order) for the item is the successful buyer. If someone else pays for an item in your cart before you do, you will receive a pop-up saying the item "has already been purchased". You will then need to re-enter your cart and remove that item to continue either shopping or to proceed with your check-out.

On the "Buy" page of the Store's website: there are 8 screen captures (scroll down), so you can familiarize yourself with the progression of the check-out pages - these are actual screen captures of the pages you will use.

This method of buying is very fast paced and aggressive, especially during the first hour of opening night. If you take a few minutes to create an account now (write down your password!), look over the screen captures, and use the search bar to find those items that would be most important to you, your preparation can save you precious time during the opening.

New York State Sales Tax will be added to all buyers shipping to a NY address, unless you contact us before the opening to change your new account to Tax Exempt. We will need a signed Sales Tax Exempt Form on file to do so. Email to: ***email address removed*** or Fax to: 315-841-8934

This Store listing is filled with collectible tackle at value conscious prices. We hope you find something you want and enjoy the excitement of the world's only virtual tackle show!

Questions? 315-841-4623 or ***email address removed***

Lang's Store

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