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Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2017 9:40 am 
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We are missing or have incorrect e-mail addresses for the following ORCA members. If you are on this list, please send your correct e-mail address via PM or the forum email utility. If you know somebody on this list, please let them know that we need an accurate e-mail address for them. Thanks!
Raymond L. Adams Jr.
Elgan Amidon
James A. Anderson
Eli Atchison
Tim Bahr
Craig Barber
Philip Beguhl
Thomas K. Best
Delmar G. Blodgett
Rod Bolding
Hannibal Bolton
Gary E. Booth
James Boyes
J.P. (Phil) Brighton
Dennis Brittain
Dan Brock
Kenzo Bronson
Leclerre Bruno
Norman E. Bryant
Howard Calkins
Chris Campbell
Lawrence Carlucci
Aaron H Clapp
Hank Clough
Rodney Cole
Carl Corey
Carolyn Corwin
John R. Crothamel
Walt Davidson
Jeff Davidson
Kenneth L. Davidson
Bruce Davis
Tom DeLong
Paul Drake
Donald Dunham
Nate Dunham
Irvin Eacrett
Gary Erickson
Lee E Faber
John Ganung
Kermit D. Gohring
Roger H. Graff
George Haymond
Robert L. Haynes
Dick Hill
Allan Hines
Bill Holbein Jr.
Clay Hood
Susumu Ishikawa
Byron Jobe
Herman "Dale" Jones
Walt Klinger III
Victor Koury
George A Krienke
Harry J. Lebherz III
Gary Ludewig
Greg L. Luecke
Ed Lyday
R.C. Mason
Darrel Mathiasen
Ronald A Mayo
George McCabe
Gene McIntyre
Dwight McKenna
Rick Miller
Gail Morchower
Henry C. Morf
James Nafziger
Henry Neal
Larry Newsome
Dick Nielsen
Robert Ogden
Larry Olson
Mark Osselaer
Ed Overbeck
Vicki Pape
Morris Payne
Raymond T Peckman
Tommy Pelfrey
Tom Petkewitz
Greg Posch
Walt Ramsey
Donald Rapose
Richard Rayeske
John E Shoffner
John Skinner
Daniel B. Sleasman, Sr.
Dave Smith
Charles Smolsky
Mike Speakman
Gene Sprando Jr.
Arnold Stalder
Duane Steinshover
Bob Stringari
Rex Strobridge
Chet Szekely
Tom Taylor
Tyler Thompson
Blane Thompson
C. Allen Trayer
Anthony F Troncalli
Dan Twidwell
Robert D Van Houten
Ronald Vodopich
Gary Waller
Lowell W Warren
Rudy Wassermann
Jay White
Phil White
Michael E. Wohlever
Alfred R. Wooden
Jeffrey M Wright
Roger Wuilleumier

Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2017 11:15 am 
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That could be by design, Dave. Some may not wish to have their e-mail address published.

Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2017 12:17 pm 
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Good point--probably true in some cases. A lot of these appear as if we just have typos in our e-mail address list though.

Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:51 am 
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Corwin, Beghul and Brock are die-hard luddites when it comes to the computer for them, so phone is only venue to reach them or snail mail! I'm guessing that's true of several others! I think Dave Smith is also in this Elite group!


Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:23 pm 
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I see Tim Bahr on the list . He died a year or two back.

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