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Post by jorgen56 »

Hi, my name is Renzo, I'm the President of ANTIPES, an Italian Association of Collectors of Old Fishing Equipment.
I just joined this interesting forum, I am an expert on Italian reels, I am available for any information regarding these. I'm retired so I can afford to do the repair and restorer of old reels, it's my hobby (but not really).
Greetings to everyone

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Midway Tommy D
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Re: Presentation

Post by Midway Tommy D »

Welcome, Renzo! We look forward to learning from your expertise.
Love those Open Face Spinning Reels! (Especially ABU & ABU/Zebco)

Tom DeLong, NE
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Re: Presentation

Post by Robin Sayler »

Hello Renzo and welcome!
I would like any unusual pflueger casting reels!

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Re: Presentation

Post by wrong99 »

Welcome Renzo. What a fantastic resource. This is the kind of thing that makes ORCA so special.

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Re: Presentation

Post by bettybarr »

We are very glad you sent your post. I announced to our members in Branson at the ORCA National "Breakfast with the Board" on Friday that you had posted an invitation to all of us to share our knowledge of Italian reels especially to take advantage of your expertise.
Thank you. We are fortunate to have you.
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Re: Presentation

Post by David Lehmann »

Thanks for joining us! As you know, we have diverse collecting interests, and it is exciting to have an expert about Italian reels join us. I suspect you will be fielding lots of questions from ORCA members. Hopefully, we can return the favor of your kindness and willingness to help by finding some reals you are looking for! I really enjoy seeing involvement of collectors from outside of North America.

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Re: Presentation

Post by Paul M »

Hello Renzo!
I am very glad to see your post and many thanks for your offer to provide your expertise. I hope our Reel Talk participants can help you track down examples of Italian made fishing reels sold in the US and elsewhere.

Best Regards,
Paul Manuel

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Dan Z
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Re: Presentation

Post by Dan Z »

PAISAN! I'm half Italian and would love to connect with you. Welcome! Daniel Zirilli

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